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Transport Action Team

The transport Action Team (TAT) aims to investigate and improve transport provision within the local community, working in partnership with local organisations, businesses and residents. Issues covered include access to local bus and rail services, highway regulations and traffic problems.

TAT holds regular action team meetings, chaired by Christine Ford, where members of the action team discuss local issues from traffic to potholes. To find out more details about what TAT are getting up to in the local community, visit the current campaigns.

Want to find out how to join ODEF’s Transport Action Team or have any issues you’d like us to discuss at our next meeting, head over to our contact us page and get in touch.

Past successes include work on the successful launch of the Boughton Boomerang and Sherwood Sweeper services for Ollerton and District which were instigated by our previous chair Carol Turner, who was a very active campaigner and town councillor. TAT also successfully got the ‘Keep clear’ marking painted on the pelican crossing at Briars Road as well as reporting minor problems in the area to the local council for repair, from potholes to faulty lights.

Current campaigns

Robin Hood Line Extension

Currently ODEF’s Transport Action Team have been working hard campaigning for the extension of the Robin Hood rail line to Ollerton.
Only 25% of the households in Ollerton and Boughton own a vehicle and there are still areas where around 15% of the population are unemployed. Therefore TAT believes that by extending the Robin Hood line to these areas, it will help to reduce rates of unemployment in the area, increase tourism to Sherwood Forest and surrounding areas and encourage overall economic growth.

TAT has received a lot of support from its local MP Mark Spencer who brought Clare Perry, under Minister for Transport to meet with TAT as well as raising the Rail Link proposal in Westminster. Mark believes that the extension of the rail link “will make it easier for people to travel for work as well as boost local tourism”.

Martin Dalby, the CEO of Center Parcs is also backing plans to extend the line and thinks the “extension of the Robin Hood line would represent a fantastic investment for the Government, and for the local area and would give a huge boost to the local economy.”