Ollerton and District Economic Forum
Tel: 01623 862410

What We Do

Ollerton and District Economic Forum (ODEF) is a charitable company that is working to regenerate the former coal mining community of Ollerton and surrounding areas. It was formed by local people at the time of the pit closure in 1993 when there were significant job losses in all the traditional industries, including textiles.

ODEF provides a variety of public services including training, employment and community support. There have also been many regeneration projects led by ODEF that have successfully tackled local issues such as transport and the environment. Some of these projects have been carried out by the volunteer action teams.

Legal status

ODEF is a Registered Charity established as a Company Limited by Guarantee (number 4349983) on 9 January 2002. A subsidiary company was formed in 2003 called ODEF Services Ltd in order to maximise trading opportunities, the profits from which are invested directly back into the charity.

Aims and objectives
ODEF was established with the following charitable objectives:

  • the relief of unemployment;
  • the advance of education and training;
  • the provision of help and assistance to those who are setting up a new business;
  • the creation of employment and training opportunities;
  • the encouragement of inward investment, diversification and improved infrastructure;
  • The protection and conservation of the environment.
  • The advance of health and saving lives .

Our vision for the future
In the future, ODEF will:

  • build on its proven record as a major partner in local and wider regeneration programmes;
  • continue to be a focal point for volunteer and community-based involvement;
  • become a major service provider for local people, businesses and community groups.